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Portable Sound Systems / Battery Operated

 Celebrants and wedding planners, this is the system for you.  No Power required so perfect for beach weddings or any function that does not require mains power.  The system can run one wireless microphone receiver, another wired microphone and music playback.  Single speaker or a pair of speakers are available depending on the size of your event.  All stands and cables are supplied with the system.


Powered Active Speakers (DB Technologies 405D 400W RMS) With Small Mixer and Microphone

Great sound system for small to medium sized functions and pup gigs for bands.  Private or corperate functions up to 250 people.



Multi Active Speaker System (DB Technologies 405D 400W RMS) With 4 or 8 Channel Sound Mixer and Wired or Wireless Microphone(s).


This system is great when you need to cover a large area.  You can link as many speakers in a line as you require to cover the required area.  Each speaker has a independent volume control for dine adjustment.


Large 3 Way Active Speaker System (DB Technologies 18D Subs with Flexsys F212 Mid High Speakers

This system is completely configurable with different microphone and mixer options.  Fold back speakers for performers are recommended so they can hear themselves,  Simply add more subs for a greater bass response or add more subs and tops speakers for larger venues.